NDT Division (EITI Qualytube)

qualytube-ntbThe NDT Division is coordinated by our ISO 9712 level 3 technical Director, and is managed by our ISO9712 level 2 operators. You can find a brief list of performed test in the following paragraph. Automatic ultrasonic test on straight pipes is performed in our laboratory in Milano province. All other tests could be performed both in–house and on-site. Please find detailed list of our instruments in relevant appendix. An important service provided to our customers is the possibility to collect all the materials purchased from different manufacturers to our warehouse. Here we can manage the complete order and organize every kind of incoming or final inspection, test, qualification or any other requirements that our customers or final users may need. Also, we can provide final marking and packing as far as a unique point of collection.

In addition, we provide the service of issuing, review and approval of NDT procedures by our Level 3.

For more information: http://www.eitigroup.com/ndt/