eitiEITI – European Institute of Technical Inspections is the result of the merging of two independent companies working in complementary sides of the Oil & Gas testing and inspection market.

As a matter of fact, at the end of year 2015, Qualytube S.r.l. bought 100% of the Inspection & Expediting Department of Sideco S.p.A.. Qualytube S.r.l. is an independent company specialized in the non-destructive testing of pipes, fittings and flanges. These services are provided both in-house and on-field. Qualytube is certified ISO 9001 by DNV-GL with the scope of “Inspections and non-destructive services on industrial products”. Established as dedicated branch of the CTA Group in 2013, Qualytube is managed by its ISO 9712 level 3 qualified Technical Director.

Sideco S.p.A. was a trading company with consolidated presence in the Oil & Gas market. In 1989 a new division has been established with the aim to supply Inspection and Expediting services to customers. The Sideco Inspection & Expediting department developed its activity independently until it has been incorporated into Qualytube.

Sideco Inspection & Expediting Department is year after year composed by high-qualified and skilled inspectors, 90% of whom are internal employees.

Merging the experiences of both companies and all their personnel, EITI is born to offer the highest level of reliability for Inspections, Expediting, Tests and Quality advising for the Oil & Gas market.

EITI – The Inspection Body.

With the merge of our competences we created a full-range inspection body, with a strong structure and the capability to face all the needs of our customers in terms of auditing, project management, expediting, inspection and testing.

Knowledge and passion of our people are the strength of our company. Our focus is to empathize the proficiency of each single employee and to share it within the company, customers and stakeholders. For this reason we engage ourselves to reach continuous training as one of our main targets.

Thanks to our knowledge, structure, communication and training, we aim to supply a premium service to premium customers.

The same people our customers were used to work with in the past, both with Sideco Inspection & Expediting or Qualytube, is now ready to continue the job taking the same attention and care. Your actual contact person will continue to assist you for any exigence you may have, working in a stronger organization and providing a full range of services and skills as never before.

You can DOWNLOAD our organization chart here!

Our Director come from 16 years of experience in the QA/QC in a leading pipes, fitting & flanges distributor focused in the Oil & Gas market, the CTA Group. Acting in this role he faced thousands of inspections, as far as suppliers auditing and qualification, expediting, project management and technical analysis.

After that experience, he started to manage Qualytube S.r.l. with the initial aim to supply a full range of non-destructive testing on piping products, enlarging every year the range of supplied testing and services offered to customers.

He is actually qualified as level 3 for UT and PT methods in accordance to ISO 9712; extension of qualification to MT and VT method is planned for beginning of 2016.

Our Ethic Committee has been established in order to monitor the adequacy and effectiveness of our code of Ethic and Conduct, as far as the respect of its contents by every employee. The Ethic Committee is also opened for consultancy to employees, in case they notice conducts not in conformance to the code (by colleagues, suppliers, customer of stakeholders) or if they have been required by someone to act against the requirements of the code itself.

Members of Ethic committee are partially selected from the Audit team and partially external.

Our Quality Assurance, Auditing and Monitoring group is independent from the production (intended as supply of services to customers) and refers directly to the board. The Group is responsible to maintain the Quality Assurance System and to perform the internal audits, as far as the monitoring on the activity of inspectors in order to guarantee the respect of our guidelines in term of ethic, integrity, independence.

Members of our QA, Auditing & Monitoring Group have a total of 45 years of experience in Quality Assurance, monitoring, internal and external auditing. We also have a CEPAS SH 125-qualified Lead Auditor on Quality Management Systems, certified by DNV-GL.

Our Inspection & Expediting Division is managed and coordinated by former Sideco inspection coordinator, having experience in organizing expediting and inspection activities for the Oil & Gas market, mainly focused on valves. Although Sideco activity was focused on valves, the addiction of personnel experienced on pipes, fittings and flanges is enlarging our field of action to inspections on a complete range of products.

We can manage all activities related to quality, inspection and expediting activities for complete projects, from take-off to final delivery, including the documentation management and project coordination.

More 90% of our inspectors are directly employed by EITI. Other ones are selected and qualified by us and are working directly under our control and monitoring. No agencies are used.

All our inspectors are at least qualified as ISO 9712 level 2 in at least 2 methods (one of which volumetric) or are actually under training. We also have a welding coordinator under training in accordance to EN 1090-2 and EWF RWC-S. In addition, we have a Frosio level 2 (green card) qualified inspector on surface treatment and painting.

The NDT Division is coordinated by our ISO 9712 level 3 technical Director, and is managed by our ISO9712 level 2 operators.

You can find a brief list of performed test in the following paragraph.

Automatic ultrasonic test on straight pipes is performed in our laboratory in Milano province. All other tests could be performed both in–house and on-site. Please find detailed list of our instruments in relevant appendix. An important service provided to our customers is the possibility to collect all the materials purchased from different manufacturers to our warehouse. Here we can manage the complete order and organize every kind of incoming or final inspection, test, qualification or any other requirements that our customers or final users may need.

Also, we can provide final marking and packing as far as a unique point of collection. In addition, we provide the service of issuing, review and approval of NDT procedures by our Level 3.

This Division is composed by our employees with specific experience in Quality Assurance and project Management (some of us has a very, very long experience….). We are managing Quality assurance and control on behalf of our customers. We work both at customer’s premises as embedded unit or as remote unit from our offices.

This division could work continuously for a customer, managing the quality line of business, or for specific projects. We can also extend our scope to project management and document controlling.

People working in this department has long experience in QA/QC and actually developed and maintained different management systems certified in accordance to ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and OHSAS 18001 (from now on ISO 45001).

This Division, in accordance to the QA, Auditing and Monitoring Group, is also providing customers for the service of supplier auditing and qualification. For these activities we use our Technical Director or our CEPAS SH 125-qualified Lead Auditor on Quality Management Systems certified by DNV-GL.